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Modern, multilingual WordPress website for IPPMed from Munich

WordPress, a content management system (CMS)

WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS in the world. An absolutely secure and reliable foundation for your website, your online store, your appearance on the web.

My career practically ran parallel to the success story of the Internet. Decades have passed since it was invented in 1986, during which I have witnessed this rapid development and participated in it professionally.

The first websites I implemented before the turn of the millennium with HTML and CSS. Images and graphics were designed in Photoshop and cut up pixel-perfectly to be fumbled back together in HTML, and backed with functions. The performance was in line with the possibilities of the time. It was a time of awakening and for those not in the know, an almost mystical business. PHP (a programming language with which web servers also work today) gradually made the work of website development and web design much easier.

After excursions and experiments with various content management systems (CMS), I finally landed on WordPress in 2009. Prominent users, from the White House and Vogue to well-known corporations(Meta/Facebook) and countless small and medium-sized enterprises use the software for their website.

The long-established prejudice that WordPress is not secure is reduced to absurdity with the examples mentioned.

What makes WordPress so advantageous and popular?

  1. The content management system and its software are free of charge and open source, i.e. they can be used license-free
  2. WordPress is constantly being updated by a worldwide community of developers, keeping it technically and security-wise up to date.
  3. You can create any type of a website. From a simple online business card to a state-of-the-art online store with every imaginable feature.
  4. WordPress is a slim CMS and an easy to install software. You install only the core with multiple basic functions. Any other desired special functionality is provided by so-called PlugIns and installed additionally. Other CMS always start with the complete fleet. The installation is costly, lengthy and complicated.
  5. With WordPress, they can use images, video, streaming and audio files in numerous media types.
  6. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important thing today, so that your website is listed high on Google and Co and is found by your customers. WordPress offers professional plugins for this and is versed in the basic framework and programming.
  7. With WordPress you have complete control over your website and save huge costs. There are many businesses that rely entirely on online marketing and selling via website.
    → An example in practice.

Examples of web design with WordPress

On my website you will find a small selection of countless websites that I have designed and implemented over the last 25 years. This makes me a profound interlocutor in the planning and conception of your online presence. Consulting expertise that you are welcome to use.

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