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Web design, clearly and concisely structured for the appearance of a sports association.

Web design can invite and guide the user to the destination

The design of your website is subject to quite pragmatic reasons

  1. Matching the corporate design. The image of your company, product or service should be reflected in the web design.
  2. The best way to reach your target group is through a dedicated design and preparation of your online offer. Colors, fonts, images and content serve and fulfill this purpose. Website design, like all applied design disciplines, is about utility. They pursue a goal, they want to sell, be heard or admired.
  3. Of course, a website today has to be responsive (Responsive Web Design), i.e. it has to flit and function seamlessly and without any fuss on any monitor size.
  4. Your website must exude security and reliability. They achieve this through a well thought-out and clear design. Especially in German-speaking countries, security is an enormously important aspect of online trading. Because professionalism has become established in website and online offerings, everything that comes across as cobbled together and homemade falls behind.
  5. A solid and professional web presence creates trust with your customers and radiates on them, their offer and image.
  6. According to a survey by a well-known management consultancy, design-oriented companies generate up to 30% more sales. Surely that’s a compelling argument to stop leaving it up to your nephew.
  7. The topic of‘usability’, i.e. how well your customer can orient himself on the website and find what he is looking for with two clicks. The dropout rate is enormous. In a fraction of a second, users decide what to click. If this is too confusing, the website is closed and the next Google entry is attempted. Good web design leads the user to the destination.
  8. A trend from corporate design has taken hold. The typographic branding. Today, it’s a snap to integrate your own fonts, from custom fonts (designed explicitly for you) to Google fonts (installed on your server, of course, for privacy reasons) on a website. This ensures a corporate look, a uniform and individual appearance that harmonizes with all elements of your marketing.
  9. Technically, there are almost no limits to the design of your website today. My focus is on working with wordpress. Why this software likes itself so, I explain here.