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Tuning for the car online.

Web design for the renowned car repair shop near Holzkirchen

At the name HW Motorsport from Valley near Holzkirchen some hearts beat simply faster

Here is screwed and tuned. Here, engines are allowed to give their all on a state-of-the-art test rig and are strapped with solid steel chains for this purpose. With the newly developed web design for Johann Werner’s workshop, all this may be felt.

I was immediately impressed by the dedication and obsession with which they work here. Meticulous and obsessive. Every time I change the tire on my car, I come back unscheduled late because it’s incredibly exciting to hear him talk about his work. Customers do not shy away from 500km to have their personal dream polished up and tuned up here in the small valley near Holzkirchen.

Web design with tangible passion and value

Car dealerships alone have an annual turnover of well over 400 million euros in Germany, and auto repair shops around 30 million euros. Cars and personal image are significantly linked in this country. To the extent that even car refuseniks define themselves by it.

For me, this inevitably flows into web design and implementation of the website. So chic and valuable, styled and modern. Pictures and video a must. JavaScript animations and elegant use of typography.

The website for the client from Holzkirchen offers more than standard information and is designed to grow. A clean offline search engine optimization and appropriate plugins lay the foundation for this.

Here is a completely different web design for another customer from Holzkirchen. Recycling specialist SG Planung needed a “web business card”. The company’s field of business is an absolute niche.