Logo Cleanvis mit Slogan

Logo design for Cleanvis / Switzerland

Typography and logo design for Swiss solar energy company

Brand logo for Robert Förstemann

Branding for Champions - Mister Thighs

Luxury Branding

Private label for Torsten Hallmann, Hamburg

Logo medicine

A project of the Brandenburg Medical School with Indian colleagues

Logo and brand design Switzerland

Logo and brand design for Platinum Medcare AG, Switzerland

Logo design Berlin Cycling Association BRV

Logo design for the Berlin Cycling Association (BRV)

Logo design Asch Group

Eccentric, modern and self-confident.

Logo design Augsburg

Typographic logo from three slab letters

Logo design experimental

Squeaky, loud and designed against every typographic rule.

Brand design industry

Logo and brand design for a highly innovative, medium-sized company with products in demand worldwide.