Website design and development for lawyer Sylvi Dittrich from Gera, Germany


  • Attorney at law Sylvi Dittrich, Gera


  • Website design and implementation

Web design and development for a lawyer from Gera

Sylvi Dittrich, a lawyer specializing in labor, tenancy and residential property law, has been with me since she started her own business. Together we developed the complete business stationery, from the logo to the website design.

The website, already striking by its colorfulness, works on the basis of WordPress with responsive design to offer the display of content on all monitor sizes safely.

In the highly competitive industry, of course, especially optimal search engine optimization (SEO) plays a decisive role for a good ranking. Extensive and content-relevant content, W3-compliant structure in the HTML code, internal links, image descriptions, etc. must be implemented clearly and cleanly in the website design and search terms must be optimized regularly. In this case, blog posts written on legally relevant topics offer an optimal opportunity.

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