Relaunch and the bilingual website for the Institute of Pharmacology


  • Institute for Pharmacology and Preventive Medicine
    Dr. Bramlage & Dr. Hankowitz Partnership, Munich / Cloppenburg / Berlin


  • Website relaunch, website design and implementation for the institute based in Munich, Cloppenburg and Berlin


Fluid website design

IPPMed, based in Munich Cloppenburg and Berlin, is an institute that supports universities, non-university institutions, health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies in the implementation of scientific projects in the field of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

In the course of maintaining and updating the website, which I had been doing for months, the client agreed with me on a complete relaunch of the online presence. This was recommended from a technical and aesthetic point of view.

The new website works on the basis of WordPress with a modern and sophisticated responsive template. Multilingualism is handled by the multilanguage plug-in Polylang, which in its free version is a smart alternative for small websites. However, all translations must be created with it.

The main focus of the analyses made by the Institute is related to blood pressure measurement devices and clinical studies and examinations from the cardiovascular field. An organic-fluid working JavaScript creates in the background of the text areas for a discreet and irregular movement in analogy to the circulatory system of humans.

The main headlines are created in the corporate font of the logo and, in addition to the mint green, ensure a uniform appearance.

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