Corporate Design

Corporate design for a pellet brand from logo design to illustrations, packaging design to ad design


As a key visual of the communication for the pellet brand I designed illustrations, in the impression of woodcuts. This traditional graphic technique reflects wood, the basic material of pellets. The lovely vintage aesthetic gives the communication a familiar-familiar look to boot.

Packaging design

Comprehensive manual with the definition of all corporate elements. From layout to guidance system, packaging design to ad design. The focus was on uncomplicated applicability.

Ads design

All ads for the pellet brand feature the key visual of the two guys with handcarts. Equally striking the cat. It stands for warmth and coziness.


  • EC Bioenergie GmbH & Co KG, Heidelberg


  • Logo design, corporate design, packaging design (packaging), illustrations, advertisement design

Clear and straightforward corporate design with clear pricing placement in the lower segment. Few and easy to implement corporate design elements. The classic “Neue Haas” serves as the base font.