Website for the market leader for microfluid systems


  • CETONI GmbH Automation and Microsystems, Korbusen/Thuringia


  • Web development, design and implementation of the multilingual website


After the brand relaunch and the creation of a new corporate design (2013) for the innovative company from Thuringia, I got the chance to contribute my skills and experience to the website development at the end of 2019.

The basic challenges of website development and redesign

A few basic challenges lay ahead for the website development. Up to this point, Cetoni had been working with a website based on an individual content management system. Aesthetic, technical and structural adjustments were difficult and could only be implemented in the long term, and also cost accordingly. The proprietary software base, as always, creates a tight bond with the vendor. Good for the web design agency. Bad for the customer, because this circumstance prevents the customer in his flexibility enormously and makes it difficult to adapt to new requirements.

With the WordPress version I set up and designed, we were able to solve these problems. Today, Cetoni’s employees maintain and update the website entirely themselves and call on my knowledge for advice as needed. You have full access to all content, feature, software, structure and design elements.

Since the company generates all of its sales worldwide via online marketing and the website, this is an enormous gain in competence and saves a massive amount of money. Also the technical security and updating is continuously given by WordPress.

We realized multilingualism in website development with WPML, a translation tool that works on AI basis and does an amazing job even with technical vocabulary. This allows the complete, and in this case very extensive, website to be translated simply by mouse-click. The software learns new vocabulary and adds it automatically. Subsequent corrections can be made easily and separately from the layout. Of course, WPML recognizes which language the website visitor uses and automatically offers the German or English language version. The language versions run on different domain names.

WPML – ideal and fully comprehensive for search engine optimization

Also, and this is especially important, all image and meta descriptors, all links and taxonomies are easily translatable, providing an optimal basis to constantly update and optimize the website SEO technically.

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