Logo design for the exclusive spa in the Hamburg Hafen-City

Application of the logo as 3D version and plotted in the entrance area of the spa


  • Sakura Spa by Steffi Oesterwind, Hamburg


  • Logo design for exclusive spa in Hamburg

The Sakura logo is one of my personal classics.

The equally classically designed word-picture mark is centered and harmonious in itself. Its feminine and soft appearance reflects the exclusive spa and the feel-good character that you can not escape as soon as you enter it.

In addition to treatments, cosmectics and massages, the spa and online store offers exclusive products of the SENSAI brand. Font and pictograms were designed by me and look fresh and modern after more than 10 years.

The pictogram abstracts the name of the spa, a cherry blossom(Sakura). Round, symmetrical, feminine and decorative, it has become the visual branding in the appearance and is reflected in the design in a variety of ways, sizes and arrangements.

The unusual color combination between deep red-brown, pink and white creates a strong contrast and an exclusive, harmonious overall effect.

The custom logo font picks up the circular shape of the picture sign. Its narrow line width looks aesthetic, filigree and elegant. The circle symbolizes harmony, perfection and femininity worldwide.

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