Design of the brand logo for eOffice24


  • eOffice24, Persiehl 1849 GmbH, Hamburg


  • E-commerce brand logo design

eOffice24 is the digital offshoot of the renowned Hamburg-based company Persiehl & Schreyer. Specializing in office articles since 1849. The visual focus is on the ligature between the superscript “e” and “O” at the beginning of the brand logo. It also serves as a figurative mark without the lettering.

The explicitly italicized and lowercase “e” brings the dynamism of online commerce into the otherwise well-balanced typeface of the tradition-rich company. And lowercase because, for one thing, your internet browser writes everything in lowercase and the online store was initiated by the family’s up-and-coming entrepreneur, Patrik Klapp, and is still run today. The small “e” fits and makes sense.