Brand & Corporate Design

Individually designed glyphs with a distinctive elaborated “E”. It visualizes CETONI’s world-leading core competence of microfluidic pump systems.

Corporate Design Manual

Comprehensive manual with the definition of all corporate elements. From layout to guidance system, packaging design to ad design. The focus was on uncomplicated applicability.

Web design and development

With the new bilingual website, the small mid-sized company has full access to all areas of its website. From SEO optimization to independently updating and maintaining all content.


  • Cetoni GmbH, Korbussen/Thuringia


  • Branding, corporate design with comprehensive CD manual (business stationery, internal and external business papers, manuals, product data sheets, guidance system on and in the house, newsletter design, trade fair design, image brochure, advertising material, packaging design, …), logo design (typography), development of the slogan, design and implementation of a multilingual website


laboratory systems and know-how that enable cutting-edge research and development at the highest level. To this end, CETONI develops high-precision fluid systems, microreaction components and intelligent automation tools of the very highest quality, adapted to the specific requirements of each customer.

CETONI conquered a segment on the world market from the East Thuringian landscape and today has the image of an extraordinarily customer-oriented supplier of high-precision fluid actuators for laboratory and industry with unique know-how.

CETONI is nothing less than the world leader in this segment.

After 25 years, the extremely positive development of the company into a globally sought-after supplier necessitated a brand relaunch that reflected this change and anchored it in the long term.

The new face of CETONI has grown up, radiating calm and reliability and reflecting the abstract sharpness of innovative products thought through to the end.

The goal and challenge of the brand relaunch was to merge an urban grown product brand ranch, visually and in marketing, into one single brand.

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