Champion brand logo for mister thigh Robert Förstemann


  • Cycling champion Robert Förstemann, Berlin


  • Design of the brand logo for the track cyclist


The brand logo for Robert Förstemann dates from 2010. Now I have reworked it typographically and used my own font. The logo looks fresher and more modern without losing its original character.

The “F”, which is based on a fracture, ensures dynamism, power, individuality and character. In 2010, these fonts were not yet in vogue. Then suddenly everyone was talking about Fraktur fonts and then came the shitstorm.

The application and your use of it in the brand logo is an eloquent example of how a font from the Middle Ages does not necessarily have to be a political statement just because it was also used by the Nazis. Their aesthetics, sophistication and expressiveness are unbroken and fascinating today.

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