Logo and brand design for CETONI


  • CETONI GmbH, Korbusen/Thuringia


  • Logo and brand design for the world market leader for microfluid pump systems from East Thuringia.


The ambitious engineers and employees of CETONI managed in a few years with comparatively little resources to reach a level of innovation that seems only possible for large companies, and the company became the world’s most sought-after supplier of microfluidic pumping system incl. Software to make. The classic concept of niche and innovativee medium-sized companies in Germany.

This long and fruitful collaboration began in 2010 with a complete redesign of the company’s image and its products. Months of intensive work resulted not only in a logo and brand, but also in a comprehensive corporate design manual as a guide for the application of the new design.

The individual typography of the logo and brand design was developed by me and worked out together with the client. The “E” of the purely typographic mark symbolizes a pump, its perfect fit, an inside and outside, of CETONI’s microfluid systems.

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