Brand design for a technology brand


  • Genex-Vertrieb Ltd. & Co. KG, Neustadt/Orla


  • Brand and logo design

GEIPEL / GENEX is the European market leader for ceiling systems. For the GEIPEL brand and the GENEX logo, I developed a uniform appearance in 2009.

Perfect for design and typography is the symmetry of the letters “E” in both words in the second and penultimate position respectively.

In a meaningful allusion to the business purpose, the ceiling systems, the upper horizontal of the “E” always floats freely. This is not an aesthetic gimmick. The ceiling systems are composed of mostly square and rectangular panels manufactured individually for the customers. This symbolizes, both in the logo of the GENEX company and in the brand design for GEIPEL, the floating, upper horizontal of the “E”. By using them in both names and a specially created typography, the family relationship of the logos becomes clear and recognizable.

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