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Brunners Vinothek, my first customer in Miesbach

Are you looking for a professional to create your website in Miesbach?

Web design for Brunners Vinothek in Miesbach

Since April 2020 my office for graphic and web design is located in Miesbach.

Retailer Michael Brunner has been successfully running ‘Brunners Vinothek’ in the heart of Miesbach for over ten years. Meanwhile, directly on the market. The client commissioned me to redesign their website. The assortment of the wine merchant is lovingly and handpicked, the website in its scope an extended business card.

My approach to the design and implementation of the website was a clearly structured and concise online presence that presents the changing assortment primarily with images. The focus is on the products, not the web design. It has the function to sell and remains itself in the background. Individual fonts that discreetly individualize the design emphasize the character of the store.

Images are now essential to website design due to the massive use and proliferation of the Internet. Images can communicate more about image, values, price level and intended target group than texts and headlines. Just as in the Middle Ages every person could understand and interpret altarpieces and their methaphorics, today this works via professional photography and graphics. We need images to orient ourselves. That is the nature of man.

Neither as a graphic designer nor when it comes to “creating a website” I am a lover of sprawling design elements. The design must clearly subordinate and fulfill the function and task.

Another recommendation for my understanding of web design with a completely different character.

I created a similar small website for the Italian restaurant “Leo’s – Das Esszimmer” in Rottach Egern. However, individuality is much more in focus there. For a good reason. Why do we love certain restaurants and avoid others? Because of the chef and his food, the host and his entertainment value….

The web design for Leo’s Restaurant puts the individuality of the host and the cuisine in the foreground, which they immediately feel when they enter the restaurant. It imposes itself in an endearing way and is a reason to return there.