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Corporate Design

Corporate design from top to bottom. Redesign with manual or cautious relaunch. Packaging to Editorial. Ads and social media. Posters to guidance system. The full program and the knowledge of how to do it.

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Cleanvis /Switzerland

Branding and logo design with custom font including corporate handout for the Swiss company from the solar industry.

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CETONI /Corbus

Branding for laboratory systems and know-how for cutting-edge research and development. Market leader for pump systems in the microfluid area.

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Pellet brand environmental good /Heidelberg

Corporate design for a pellet brand. Brand design, packaging, illustrations, ad design.

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Strong furniture transportation /Gera

Top dog in the logistics industry in Eastern Thuringia and customer since 2010. Comprehensive corporate design for furniture transportation and corporate ranch.

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Sakura Spa by Steffi Oesterwind /Hamburg

I have been in charge of the exclusive spa in Hamburg’s Hafen-City since 2010. The simple and elegant corporate design has proven itself in over 10 years and has lost nothing of its charisma and freshness.

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Dr. Müller. Medical practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery /Hamburg

High quality appearance for a medical practice for aesthetic surgery from Hamburg.

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Wild Sample. Start-up /Berlin

Against all good taste. Trashy, young, shrill. Corporate design for the Berlin-based start-up from the film and media industry.

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Agricultural cooperative Großenstein /Thuringia

Classic Monogram logo and corporate design for an agricultural company from Thuringia.

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BAL Invest /Augsburg

Corporate identity for a real estate and project developer from Augsburg. Typographic logo with custom glyphs.

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Apartments Four Paws /Sauerland

Small and charming appearance for the provider of vacation apartments in Willingen/Upland.

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Barber Lorenz /Northeim

Vintage look appearance for a barber from Northeim in Lower Saxony.

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Physiotherapy Sudakow /Munich

Logo and corporate design, visit and appointment cards, vouchers, stamps, lettering/signage in and around the house, design and implementation of a micro-website.

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Tax office Donath-Franke /Werdau

Valuable and self-confident appearance for the tax consultant office from Werdau.

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Musical instruments Rathmayer /Munich

Visual appearance with logo, business cards and all necessary elements of business equipment for a Munich-based instrument maker.

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We need to talk.

A key to the heart and mind of your customers: Sympathy

I see this as one of the most important prerequisites for convincing customers to reach for their product or to identify with their brand: Sympathy. It is the door to the world of their goods or services offer.

A well thought-out and cleverly designed image can help to create this identification and have a formative effect on brand identity. In our optimization-oriented, individualized life culture, this is a great opportunity. Here, a responsive, sensitive nerve lies just under the skin.

Corporate design is a component of their corporate identity. Their visual definition gives us the opportunity to make the culture and vision of your company, your products or brand visible and tangible, to create identification.

The decision for corporate design, is the one for strategic commitment and must be aesthetically designed for durability. In addition to creativity, this requires above all experience, research and reliable intuition, sometimes courage, other times caution.

Often corporate identities have grown and tell a story. They transform and change, they adapt to consumer and lifestyle habits or to the market environment. To understand why a product or service sells, I need to listen to them and get inside the specifics of your industry and target audience. What is desired, loved, valued and why?

Design from top to bottom

Once the concept is in place, corporate design begins at the top. The logo represents the crown of the whole and shines with font, color, arrangement and aesthetics to the smallest part of their visual marketing. Many fundamental design decisions are and were made at this point.

Logo or brand, in addition to recommendation and product experience, are often the first and decisive encounter with their offer. If everything else reveals a vegetable garden, it becomes difficult with credibility and sustainable commitment.

Corporate design comes from authenticity and radiates it.

We are credible in the constant and predictable. Design is able to give them support and orientation.

That is why it makes sense to set out the guidelines developed together with them in a corporate manual. As a reminder and for practical implementation. Even if it consists of ten pages. Because it’s not the scale that matters, not exact millimeter or percentage figures, but applicable recommendations that don’t hold them back in their day-to-day business, but support them. A good CD manual therefore incidentally conveys a design and aesthetic vision. A set of rules, too inflexible for a world in continuous change, benefits no one.

Logo ranch in creative corporate look

Variants of circular image characters for a logo ranch from the medical / angiological field.

Two logos from this ranch

Business cards. Personalized but with a uniform look

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